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  • Светлана
    Это единственный самый неповторимый доктор и сверх профессионал своего дела. Много лет безуспешных попыток и супер малышка с первого раза благодаря Виктории Вадимовне. Очень внимательная, ответственная, умеет подарить надежду и самое главное её превратить в реальность. Это лучший и самый образцовый доктор, которого мы когда либо встречали. Огромное спасибо, что есть такие уникальные специалисты. Будем признательны Виктории Вадимовне всю жизнь и конечно спасибо клинике, что предоставляете возможность ходить к таким специалистам. Наших слов не хватит чтобы описать все лучшие качества Виктории Вадимовны, этот доктор образец идеальности!
  • Deborah and Alex
    We were very impressed with the services we received at the International Center for Reproductive Medicine in Saint Petersburg when we used them for IVF with ICSI and pre-implantation genetic testing and screening at the end of 2019. We live in the US, and we thought the process would be difficult to do remotely, but we were pleasantly surprised. We were very new at this field, and had a ton of questions/concerns. For several months before we arrived at St. Petersburg, we emailed the clinic with questions almost on a daily basis, and they always replied in a very prompt and helpful manner. We want to thank their International Manager Ms. Trukhina for her patience with us! Now I understand that some of our questions and concerns were ridiculous or bluntly stupid, but she always replied to them with patience and explained providing little details, often after hours. All the lab results that we sent from Kaiser, our medical provider in the US, were reviewed by doctors promptly as well and no translation was required! The center has their own lawyers available for any legal matters we had questions with. All our appointments were set beforehand for when we arrived to St. Petersburg. The facilities were very nice and inviting. All personnel, from custodian staff to the head doctors, were very respectful and helpful. We want to personally thank Dr. Isakova for her help! We read reviews about her ahead of time, and people wrote that she was “tough”, so we were a little concerned... However, she appeared to be a very sweet and patient person, and, of course, a very knowledgeable doctor! She helped us get more than 20 high quality eggs and, later, 10 embryos! We also appreciate how sensitive and accommodating everyone was to our unique situation. After the testing/screening, our embryos were stored in their embryo bank until we were ready to use them. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the International Center for Reproductive Medicine. The cost of the services was the fraction of what we would pay in the US! Would strongly recommend this center to anyone going through IVF and related procedures!
  • Ольга
    Хочу выразить ОГРОМНУЮ БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ замечательному врачу - Кирсанову Андрею Адольфовичу!!! Спасибо Вам за нашего сыночка, за наше чудо!!! Все получилось (ЭКО с первой попытки)!!!
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